Safari Ostrich Farm Cares

Safari Ostrich Farm is a working commercial ostrich farm with the highest regard for ethical and professional farming practices. We at Safari Ostrich Farm, therefore call upon our valued guests to respect the following guidelines when visiting our Farm:

  • You are only allowed in the Ostrich Area accompanied by a Safari Ostrich Farm guide. This is for your own safety.
  • You are allowed to sit on our ostriches for a photo, if you weigh less than 70kg (156 Pounds)
  • You are allowed to ride one of our ostriches, if you weigh less than 60kg (132 Pounds)
  • There is an extra fee of R50.00pp applicable for those who want to ride.
  • Anybody under 1, 5 meters in height can’t ride an ostrich for safety reasons.
  • We stop the riding and racing if it’s over 30 degrees for the birds’ wellbeing.
  • We stop the riding and racing if it has rained also for the safety of our ostriches.
  • You are not allowed to pick up any feathers that you may see during the course of the guided tour since they are untreated.
  • No unaccompanied children are allowed on the guided tours.
  • Please switch your phones to silent or vibrate only whilst on tour for the sake of your fellow visitors.

Safari Ostrich Farm wants everybody visiting us to have a fun and great experience. We, at Safari Ostrich Farm, have become known world-wide for our Animal Friendly farming methods – The NSPCA has made most of Safari’s internal regulations with regards the riding of ostriches the accepted standard for ostrich farms. We want to enlighten our visitors about these incredible and unique birds be means of our professionally guided tours and hence give everybody visiting us a newfound appreciation for Ostriches. Visit our tours page.